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In addition to the photovoltaic testing business, HeChuang Testing (HC) also provides customers with the following services:

2  Fabrication and testing of PV modules used as primary and secondary reference devices;

2 Fabrication of first-class solar cells used as reference devices. precision dimensionmeasurement and photoelectric parameter measurement to solar cells;

2  Indoor and outdoor light induced degradation (LID) test for photovoltaic modules and solar cells;

2  PV module production supervision and inspection;

2  Laboratory management system Internal audit and consultation;

2  Training about test methods of photovoltaic materials, modules and power plants;

2  Training in laboratory, product quality control and improvement tools methodology.

Based on the concept of Cooperation with Customers and Creation of the Future Together, HC will strive to expand the scope of its services and capabilities so as to provide customers with valuable services, and work together with customers to meet new challenges, opportunities and the future.



Precise PV Module I-V Characteristic MS

Precision Solar cell I-V Characteristic MS



Outdoor LID Device

HD CCD Imaging Scanning MS

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